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A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

On the way to Minnesota this weekend, we listened to a reading of A Christmas Carol performed by Tim Curry.  This unabridged version was a free selection on Audible several years ago and doesn’t appear to be available any longer.

A Christmas Carol is one of those books which has been performed hundreds of times:  in movies, TV specials, cartoons, and has been interpreted by the Muppets, Rich Little, and even updated by Bill Murray in Scrooged.  I’ve read the story itself a number of times and won’t waste any time giving an outline of the plot.  Instead, I’ll remark on my reactions this time.

  • I do feel that this is a book to be read aloud, preferably by a good narrator.  The lines are so rich with traditional character that one can almost quote them by heart.  Tim Curry did an excellent job with Scrooge’s character:  not taking the lonely, miserly character over the top and bringing believability to his night of repentance.
  • This reading, I noticed how the Ghost of Christmas Present not only showed Scrooge the households of the Cratchits and Scrooge’s own nephew, but also guided him through the streets of London, giving him a taste of good Christmas cheer even to those downtrodden (the miners, for example) who might be perceived to have little to be thankful for.
  • Janet and I both remarked that the prize turkey delivered to the Crachits had no hope of being Christmas dinner, not at that late date!
  • The story still has power today, despite the specifics of the mid-Nineteeenth Century.

4 out of 5 stars

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