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Conjunction of Tudor media

Reading C.J. Sansom’s Matthew Shardlake mysteries (Dissolution and now Dark Fire) has led me to rewatch the miniseries The Tudors on Netflix streaming, which in turn has caused me to reread one of my favorite Tudor histories by Alison Weir, The Six Wives of Henry VIII.  It has become a little confusing since I’m at a slightly different date for each work and thus a different wife.  Couple that with a very liberal dose of fiction on the part of The Tudors (altered timelines, fictionalized deaths for some characters who actually lived much longer, dramatic license on motives, characters who actually represent multiple real persons)….

One interesting fact I wanted to research more:

Anne [Boleyn]’s origins were uninspiring, although, like all Henry VIII’s wives, she could trace her descent from Edward I. (p. 145)

In retrospect, however, maybe this really isn’t that amazing, since Edward I lived roughly 200 years earlier.  Probably a majority of English nobility and the royal and noble houses of Europe were in some way descended from him.

A quick internet search uncovered this genealogy chart which shows how Henry (from both his mother’s and father’s side) and all six wives were related through Edward I.  Pretty cool.

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