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— added several screen shots 8/18/2011 from version 1.6.1 —

I started a subscription to Audible.com in August 2004 and have downloaded my 2 audiobooks each month since that time. I usually choose novels or books on history that either (1) I have read before and would likely re-read again and again or (2) books that I’d like to read, but might not have the time to do so.

I’ve now read about 150 books this way while driving between work and home, doing outside chores (mowing the lawn or blowing snow), or other household tasks.

In October 2010, I downloaded Audible’s iPhone/iPod app and having been using it exclusively ever since.  Rather than synching my iPhone via iTunes, I can download audiobooks wirelessly (not over 3G, however, since the app restricts this method over a specific size) and delete them from the device on the fly.

Great Features

  • Wireless download
  • The application maintains statistics of listening time (today, daily over the past week, monthly, and all time).  I really like this feature since it gives me a good sense of magnitude from month-to-month.

    Monthly stats

  • There is a “button-free” option which replaces the normal play screen similar to iTunes with a simpler version. Touch the screen to start and stop play, swipe left to rewind 30 seconds, right to move forward 30 seconds, and down to add a bookmark.  This is a great mode for listening in the car.
  • Early versions did not have a narration speed option, but the current one can change the speed of narration to .5X, 1.5X, 2X and 3X.  Very similar to iTunes audiobook options.


  • If you are into badges like Foursquare, the app offers those, too.  Examples:  weekend warrior, all nighter, binge listener, and 7-day stretch.

Bugs / Incomplete Features

  • The app is still a little buggy.  On occasion (too often, actually), the audiobook just stops and I have to restart the app.  I think this might occur when notifications are received from other iPhone apps.  Generally, however, the Audible app has saved my place so I only had to repeat 30-60 seconds at most.
  • The app doesn’t have functionality to store statistics on the Audible server, so if you have multiple devices or upgrade a device, you’ll lose your stats.

Since October 2010, I have listened for a total of 13 days, 17 hours, and 38 minutes.  Wow.

My monthly stats here.

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